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No Room for Small Dreams,

Courage, Imagination, and the Making of Modern Israel

By Shimon Peres.

​Book Review & Book cover courtesy of Harpers Collins.

“Making peace is not a simple endeavor. It is a constant struggle. But its complexity should not overshadow its purpose.”

- Shimon Peres.

In 1934, eleven-year-old Shimon Peres emigrated to Israel's land from his native Poland, leaving behind an extended family who was killed later in the Holocaust.

Not many backs then would have predicted that this young man would eventually become one of the twentieth century's towering figures.

Peres would indeed go on to serve the new nation as prime minister, president, foreign minister, and the head of several other ministries.

He was central to establishing the Israeli Defense Forces and the defense industry that would provide the young nation with a robust deterrent power. He was crucial to launching Israel's nuclear energy program and to the creation of its high-tech "Start-Up Nation" revolution.

"If an expert says it can't be done, get another expert."

His refusal to surrender to conventional wisdom and political conventions helped save the Israeli economy. It prompted some of the most daring military operations in history, among them the legendary Operation Entebbe.

And yet, as important as his role in creating and deploying Israel's armed forces was, his stunning transition from hawk to dove–with its accompanying unwavering commitment to peace–made him one of the globe's most recognized, honored, and admired politicians.

He awarded in 1994 the Nobel Peace Prize for his extraordinary efforts to forge peace between Israel and the Palestinians. Shortly after in 1996, he founded the groundbreaking Peres Center for Peace and Innovation to focus on developing and implementing imaginative peacebuilding programs around the world.

Finished only weeks before his passing, Peres offers a long-awaited examination of Israeli history's crucial turning points through the prism of having been a decision-maker and eyewitness.

He died in September 2016, soon after finishing his work on this book. He was ninety-three years old.

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" Shimon Peres was a giant of Israel's founding generation, a tireless advocate for peace, and an eternal optimist who lived his life with a sense of hope and possibility…" B. Obama.



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